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Lew Bersani

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Yesterday was a busy day on Oneida Lake and we are certainly glad everyone is back on shore okay.  We will certainly get back to that, but we must acknowledge the passing of Lew Bersani.  If you could personify our lake with an anchor it would be Lew Bersani.  Let us clear this right away, Lew was by any measure the best damn boat mechanic this lake will ever see.  Many of you brought your boats to dealers and when they couldn’t fix it, it was brought to Lew–it left fixed.  Some will admit it, but we all knew it…

Over 50 years Lew gave this lake, for 43 years he owned Bersani Sport and Marine.  I want everyone to know Lew loved this country, including our right to bear arms, Lew never wavered in our overly PC society.  Lew remained true to the values that made this country great, and he made no bones about it; hard work and knowledge over time with consistency and honesty.  We have lost a true real man and a fixture on Oneida Lake.  Lew was the first friend I made on this lake, his advice, his work ethic, his loyalty to his customers, his bitter–but accurate commentary–remains with all of us.  They are just not making men like Lew:  teachers, leaders, and just mechanics, anymore; and that is a damn shame.  Lew believed in telling it the way it was and working hard, he was simply a man.  A man who took care of his family, his neighbors and friends, cared about his country and community and lived the example of the American Dream.  God bless Lew Bersani and his family and friends, Lew made Oneida Lake a better place.  I was lucky enough to spend some extra time with Lew last fall, I got great advice and even better conversation.  Godspeed Lew Bersani…

Fear really took over the lake today, everyone who called for help got back to shore, thank God.  And in honor of Lew Bersani, if you don’t like my reference to God you can GET LOST.  First thing, I saw some comments on social media, and well while it was maybe not the best idea to be out there yesterday, weather and shit can hit us all on the ice at any time–keyboard losers making stupid comments are just that, losers.  Second, let’s just pull together and recognize that a couple great things happened today.  Our first responders just flat out kicked ass, the response was amazing; and second, we saw the other side of social media, where our community pulled together and provided information to those risking their lives to save another.  One thing great about our sport is that 90% of us are on the latter side of that spectrum.  While we will return to the safety soapbox soon, we have one hell of a community out here.  Hats off to the fire departments, who work as volunteers, and also to our law enforcement folks who we call in our darkest moments.

Will update again later today, RIP Lew Bersani.

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