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Waiting for the Ice

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We now have a skim coat of ice across Oneida Lake, however, most spots remain unsafe.  A few people have gotten onto Big Bay over the last few days and we have a range of reported ice thickness from 2-5″ in Big Bay so proceed with extreme caution.  We are also getting reports of some issues accessing the lake with some property owners making things difficult.  As always you can pay to park at Big Bay Marina and not have any issues and be welcomed.

Some more bad news from the parking department.  Vella’s in Cleveland has changed ownership and there is as of now, no parking at that location for ice fishing.  No word on if this will change, but as of now I would not expect it to.  Once we have good ice, you still have the lot at Apps, though that looks a bit smaller after the renovation of the Cleveland dock and also the small municipal lot in Cleveland, these are going to fill up fast once we have ice.  Less parking and pent up demand means you better get out early.  For those who are thinking about Godfrey, just remember this is generally one of the last places where you can navigate onto the ice.

Nobody is looking to get off Sylvan Beach yet but there is more bad news on the parking front there.  A solid half of the public parking is blocked off to “Trucks with Trailers,” a/k/a ice fishing setups.  We are told this is so the new casino has better parking access.  Anyway, whatever the reason, there is less public parking now for ice fishing in Sylvan Beach.  The spot where you can park is on the southern portion of the lot closer to the Canal.  So accessing the lake you will have to walk or ride through the now restricted parking area to access the lake off the beach.  Once things get going here, we expect that lot will quickly fill up as well.

We are getting some light snow today (Monday) in the area but it looks like it will be less than an inch.  The weather forecast this week is not great with temps warming each day though we drop below freezing at night.  Everybody is worried about Friday with a high in the mid-40s and rain, along with a solid breeze the fear is that weather will rip the main lake back open.  Things dip back below freezing on Saturday and we are still not sure exactly how much snow we will end up with.

We will resume posting more frequently, but as always need your participation.  If anyone would like to write the occasional report, just reach out to us.  Stay well and stay safe.



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