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Still Warm

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It did not drop below freezing overnight and we are looking at another high today north of 40F.  A WSW wind between 5-15 mph today, increasing during the morning.  29.77 on the barometer and that will remain flat through the morning and begin to rise in the late afternoon.  We have a chance of light rain in the morning.

We still have a mixed bag on the ice conditions, a lot of people mention slush while others say not too bad as long as you stick to the trials.  Still pretty limited numbers of people getting out, but those out are getting rewarded as we continue to get good fishing reports.  Gold cast masters, Caty Jigs, and jigging raps (wonderbread) tipped with a buckeye or spikes depending on what you are targeting.


Just as the COVID restrictions are beginning to be lifted we sadly announce a new pandemic of prostitution on the ice.  Mayor Craig Shubert of Hudson, Ohio has thankfully brought this huge issue to the public’s attention.  Making comments at a city council meeting this week during a discussion about safety and liability issues that may arise if the city allows ice fishing at Hudson Springs Park, the mayor astutely proclaimed, “if you open this up to ice fishing, which while on the surface, it sounds good, then what happens next year?  Does somebody come back and say, ‘I want an ice shanty in Hudson Springs Park for X amount of time?’  And if you then allow ice fishing with shanties, then that leads to another problem:  prostitution.  And now you have the police chief of the police department involved.”

While Mayor Shubert has laid the gauntlet down for Jackass of the Year, dear readers just remember Andrew Cuomo is considering a political comeback–this thing is nowhere in the bag for the honorable mayor.  That the police chief of the police department might need to be involved is amazing.  Thankfully the police chief of the fire department won’t have to worry.  It shocks us that we, the fishing community have been able to keep this on the down-low for so long.  Regretfully, the jig is up.

PS:  We can’t lay off, we hear they are really biting at Prostitute’s Hole.

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